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Pins-R-Us Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Email me if you have questions or are interested in purchasing.
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City Guitars

Acapulco orange Les Paul with Palm Tree $12
Acapulco yellow & green striped Explorer $12
America Flag in shape of US (Rare from Early 90's) $40
Aspen (closed) Black and Silver $15
Atlanta White with Peach $10
Bali black Les Paul - without Enamel $15
Bali blue & white Guitar with Microphone and yellow Star $10
Bali yellow & black Double-Neck Guitar $10
Bangkok dark blue Gibson Byrdland ES with white Elephant - tac Back - Enamel $10
Boston Lobster $10
Buenos Aires white Guitar with silver & black Mate - white Logo with green Circle, blue "Hard Rock" $15
Cayman Islands dark blue Stratocaster with green Parrot $12
Cayman Islands red & white Diving Flag Les Paul Guitar $12
Dallas blue Acoustic with Cowboy Hat $15
Fort Lauderdale Sunrise Gator $10
Gatlinburg cream Guitar $10
Hollywood blue Fender Stratocaster with "Hollywood" - gold trimmed - (pre Opening 95) $15
Honolulu White with lei $10
Houston State of Texas Guitar with Houston - 3LC $10
HR-Hotel Vegas powder blue Aria Urchin Deluxe Guitar $5
Key West Sunset Sold
Los Angeles Red & White Van Halen Guitar $12
Los Angeles yellow Route 66 Guitar - grid Back $12
Maui blue Guitar with gray Whale $12
Maui Blue with Lei Sold
Maui green Les Paul - 3LC $8
Maui powder blue Danelecto Guitarlin with Windsurfer - 3LC $10
Mexico Green $5
Miami light green & green Stratocaster $12
Miami white Les Paul with pink Flamingo  2LC - HRC-Logo Back $12
Nashville red Gibson SG with black Boot - 2LC - medium loose grid Back Sold
Nashville white & black Banjo with silver Trim - 2LC - small squared grid Back $12
New Orleans silver Dobro with "New Orleans" $15
New Orleans silver Dobro with "New Orleans" - small boxed 3LC - large grid $10
Newport Beach purple left-handed Paul McCartney Hofner Bass - 3LC - medium grid Back $12
Niagara Falls Canada Horseshoe Guitar - made in China $10
Orlando Beach and Palm Trees $10
Orlando blue Stratocaster with green Gator - 2LC - small grid Back $10
Orlando Live Hard Rock Cafe "Live" Guitar $10
Phoenix black reverse Firebird with yellow Flames - pre Opening $40
Phoenix Waitress with red Dress and blue Stratocaster - "Phoebe" on Back - "G.C.I." $10
Reykjavik dark blue Acoustic $10
San Francisco Red and Gold Flying V Sold
Sharm El Sheikh Egyptian Guitar - gold Trim $15
Stockholm blue Double-Neck with Swedish Flag and brown Helmet $15
Taipei gold tear drop shaped Pea-pa - 1L "Hard Rock Cafe Inc." $22
Tel Aviv black & white Vox Guitar Organ $30
Tel Aviv dark green Stratocaster with Menorah Sold $20
Tel Aviv dark-blue & white Vox Guitar Organ $30
Tel Aviv gray-blue & white Vox Guitar Organ $30
Tel Aviv green & white Vox Guitar Organ $30
Tel Aviv powder blue Stratocaster with Menorah $20
Tel Aviv red & white Vox Guitar Organ $30
Tel Aviv white Vox Guitar Organ $30
Tijuana lime green Iceman with dark green Stars Sold $10
Toronto Red Geometric (very old Canadian pin) $10
Washington DC Stars and Stripes Acoustic - orange Logo - with Comma - 2LC - HRC Logo Back $10
Washington DC US Flag colored flying V Guitar $10

 This page updated on 11/17/2002